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Your goal from a messaging perspective is to own a space in the mind of your target audience. This space must be clearly defined so they can put you in the right bucket. And then, you must clearly differentiate your message from the competition in that bucket. We'll teach you how to develop a simple, consistent and differentiated message that will be the cornerstone of all your marketing initiatives.

In this course, you will learn...

  1. Today’s top messaging issues and how to fix them

  2. The importance of being audience-specific

  3. The questions you need to ask

  4. Building your message house

  5. Expressing your messaging

  6. The next steps for your messaging

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What others are saying

Carolyn Raab

Chief Product Officer, Corsa Security

"Brendan's approach to messaging brought a high degree of clarity to how we position our solutions, and ultimately led us to redefining our brand to better reflect what we do."

Your Instructor

President and Founder of Zinc Marketing Brendan Ziolo

During his 25-year, award-winning career, Brendan Ziolo has led the marketing efforts for several B2B technology companies from startups to global, multi-billion-dollar companies in Ottawa, Toronto, Dallas and Silicon Valley. He has launched innovative products and built industry-leading brands be developing clear messaging and strategies. He has also generated strong demand by creating compelling content that drove integrated marketing campaigns. Now, as Founder and President of Zinc Marketing, he helps companies focus their marketing efforts to get better ROI.

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